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Who we are

TOPTEN is a national institution that aims to develop and improve the community by working with creative individuals and institutions in the medical sector to help them in developing their business.


To be the first choice for medical institutions and clinics in evaluating, marketing and developing their business ​


Provide ideas and complete solutions to our customers, make them distinct from all competitors in the work and profitability


Full commitment and professional implementation

Our Strategy
  • The application of successful methodologies in the development of medical institutions and businesses based on the best practices of modern.
  • Develop and improve quality and administrative systems in a professional manner in order to reduce costs and quality of performance and practices.
  • Enhancing the skills of the team and motivating them to reflect on increasing productivity.
  • Working on the threats and risks that the medical institution may face and determining the best ways to deal with them.
  • Work on building an integrated marketing plan based on investment of resources and possibilities available.
  • Work on raising the reputation of the medical institution and its doctors and create an effective relationship between the medical institution and its clients, adding to all aspects of society
Our Goal
Developing and improving the performance and work of the medical institution in accordance with successful international scientific methodologies, in order to achieve all administrative and technical practices, invest all the resources and capabilities available in the medical institution, and increase the market share and institutional reputation.
Our Methodology
  • Evaluating the current status of the medical institution and the surrounding environment, as well as the main role played by (the products / services / management functions / resources / quality / quantities).
  • The study of the market opportunities available to the medical institution to expand and develop internally and externally.
  • Overcome the competitive advantages of the institution that support its future success.
  • Arrange, develop and manage the organization's priorities, and focus on the competitive advantages of the services of the institution.
  • Develop internal processes in them, supporting the achievement of the objectives and priorities of the external institution.
  • Aiming to enhance the market position of the enterprise, and give it competitive advantage.
  • Focusing on customers and their needs from the services of the medical institution. Analyzing the needs of the parties and the main beneficiaries concerned with the establishment.
  • Building a map containing the expected customers, estimating and weighing the existing customer list and reviewing the business environment to identify the new business opportunities.








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